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The ONLY program for leaders with all the tools, resources, and mentorship to increase your confidence, executive presence, communication and relationship skills to be a successful trusted advisor that adds real value to your organization.

Real, practical advice for the modern leader just like you!

"I've been officially promoted to the audit leader role to head the Internal Audit department at my company... Couldn't have done it without you! My growth during the last six months since I found your podcast, the Forum, and the Certified Chief Audit Executive (cCAE) course has been nothing short of incredible!"
- Forum Member

This Program is exactly right for you if:

  • You are at least 10 years into your career.
  • You are already a leader (VP, Director, Manager).
  • You are a new leader, an individual contributor, or want a leadership role as your next career move.
  • You have been told you are too technical, too pushy, too detailed, too this that or the other, and are ready to change.
  • You feel marginalized, under served, or are told "you just aren't what we are looking for" and know with a little polishing, and right tools, you have a lot of value to share.
  • You want to BE more authentic, confident, mindful, and emotionally intelligent.
  • You want to improve your relationship, leadership, and communication skills.
  • You are ready to start being more strategic in your thinking and develop more confidence and executive presence.
  • You are committed to invest time and money in yourself and your career.
  • You are willing to share, and learn from others.
  • You have high integrity and are willing to maintain group confidentiality.

Does that sound like you? If you said YES to 4 or more of the bullets, then this Program is exactly right for you.

You are in the right place to get the help you want.

Not everyone who wants to join is qualified.


Everything You Want and Need to BE a Confident, Successful, Strategic Leader!

Live Group Calls With Other Leaders.

Participate in multiple, consistently scheduled monthly group video calls with other like-minded leaders from all over the world. This means you'll be able to get qualified, relevant, practical to your situation, training and advice based on your specific situation and learn from what others are doing. You'll feel more confident walking into board and executive meetings, and have access to the call recording.

Customized One-on-One Executive Coaching and Mentoring.

Each month, you can pick up the phone and schedule calls directly with expert coaches and mentors who've been in your shoes in between the live group calls. This means you have access to resources so you can work on whatever you or your team need confidentially and effectively have an expert on retainer.

AND, When You Register Today You Will Also Receive These Additional Bonuses!

Access to YEARS of Previous Group Call Recordings

Get access to years of previous group call recordings. This means you have hundreds of hours of material you can use exactly when you need it 24/7.

3 Minute Confidence Booster Course

If you are like 80% of people, you don't feel as confident as you'd like. You may think you are faking it and nobody realizes, but actually people know when you fake it and that makes you look weak. What if you could feel 20%, 50% or 100% more confident by using a tool for just 3 minutes a day. That would be amazing right? And you can with the tools and tricks in this program. You don't have to feel anxious or stressed anymore.

Leader Foundations Course and Toolbox

Get access to tools and resources 99% of people don't know. These are leader tools typically only shared with high level executives who spend $20-30K a year with executive coaches. Real, practical tools (based on psychology and science) you can use to manage emotions, persuade and influence, communicate more effectively, and increase your performance and confidence both professionally and personally... so you know exactly what to say and do in any situation. 

Ninja Phrases and Questions Resource

A big part of communicating effectively is knowing exactly the right words to use and questions to ask. You will get access to a resource of ninja phrases and questions, psychological ways to increase the effectiveness of your communication and get people to take action. It's like having the secret Jedi mind tricks. And it's not just having a list of questions, but knowing how to ask them and the practice that makes you effective.

Increasing Your Value to Management Mini-Course

Prove the value you provide to executive management and the board can be difficult especially when you work in an area they consider a cost center. You will never be viewed as a cost center again or have beg on your hands and knees for budget. Avoid being the first to have to reduce your budget, being the one not getting the resources you need, being called things like the "cops," and worse yet being outsources or replaced.

Delegation and Productivity Mini-Course

Enhance your delegation and productivity skills to get back 20% of your time each week. Work less, and get the most out of yourself and your team without feeling burned out, stressed and over worked... and your team will love how you manage.

Additional One-on-One Coaching

When you register now, you also receive a 1-hour one-on-one coaching session to jumpstart your transformation and get a plan for your first 90 days in the program.

Career Mentoring

Looking for your next position? You have access to mentors who can help you chart out exactly what you need to do to get your next position. Why wait 5 years for your next role when you can probably get there in 1-2 years with a little help? How much more annual income would that mean to you?

CPE Certificate for 36 Hours

At the end of each year receive a CPE certificate for 36 hours, based on your participation in the group. Chances are you need CPE anyway, so why not get 90% of your annual CPE when you join today?

Belonging in A Caring Community Of Like-Minded Professionals

When you send an email, or pick up the phone you actually get a response from your friends, peers, and coaches. This means you'll be one of the most connected people in the industry, with direct access and support from top internal audit leaders.

Virtual and On-Demand Resources and Tools

This is a virtual, online community that supports you all year and doesn't require travel. That means you don't have to be away from your family, or deal with the uncertainty, hassle and cost of travel. And you have access to tools in the online portal to help you exactly when you need the help, 24/7.

Success Current Members Are Getting, Just Like You When You Register!

Being a leader is a tough job, and here you are probably navigating some challenging waters fraught with countless difficult conversations, right?

You are a leader, manager, collaborator, facilitator, mentor, role model, risk management expert, motivator, counselor, technical audit professional, … yes, the list is countless. And, oh by the way, throw in some organizational politics, executive egos and board dynamics … Wow!!!

"I don't think any of my colleagues understand just how difficult this job really is." - Forum Member

If you are like most leaders, you are constantly juggling, and often struggling with general leadership challenges, and many of your challenges are unique to audit, risk management and compliance.

"I've been looking for a group like this for 15 years." - Forum Member

Your job is really challenging, and without support it can be a relatively lonely place to be, unless you belong to a supportive community ... and your "network" and roundtables are not community.

I totally get it. Every leader I speak with expresses similar optimism about the opportunity, and similar stress and frustrations with the many challenges. Many times, you just need someone to work out issues with in confidence. I’ve been in your shoes and struggled with the same challenges. Now, I talk with, help, and coach countless leaders confidentially month in and month out.

"I love this group and the people we've pulled together. I love that there's stability and continuity to it, so that I feel comfortable opening up and sharing with others." - Forum Member

What has helped these leaders, especially as we are in a more remote working environment, is making sure they get the advice, counsel and support from both a network of peers of like-minded professionals, and also have an executive coach to help navigate these treacherous waters and your specific situation.

But where do you turn to so that you can have access to these priceless resources – CONFIDENTIALLY?

"There isn't anyone else in my organization I can turn to when I need help. If I did my peers will think I'm weak and don't know what I'm talking about. I can't even talk to my friends and family because they don't understand what I'm going through. The stress and pressure can be a lot to take sometimes. I'm so glad I found like minded peers in this group. It's exactly what I've been looking for." Forum Member

The good thing ... there is an answer to these dilemmas, and the choice is up to you on whether you want some help. 

AND ... it's way more fun to work through with friends and coaches than it is to do it all by yourself, right!

Do you want to keep struggling by yourself, or would you rather have the help of a supportive community??

You already understand the benefits of having health insurance when those unexpected things come along, but do you have the equivalent of career insurance??

Being a member of this Program is like having your own career insurance policy when you experience challenges, and it's much more affordable than health insurance, and a long-term investment in your career.

"I like hearing the different perspectives and issues others are dealing with. It helps me understand better what is going on in my world and see things with different eyes." - Forum Member

And really, it's not about the investment anyway. It's about whether you are committed to your career and want to feel more confident and successful.

You are very good at what you do, or you wouldn't be a leader, but it takes more than technical skills that you’ve learned up to this point to be a successful Leader.

It takes more than technical skills to lead.

It takes more than being called an Executive to have Executive Presence.

“The most vexing and challenging issues about being an audit leader are usually more about the ‘Executive’ part of the title and less about the ‘Technical’ part of the title.” - Forum Member

If you aren't getting the results you want, the root cause is usually not effectively managing five things really well simultaneously --- (yes, simultaneously!)

  • managing up (your bosses and fellow executives)
  • managing across (your peers and other leaders in the organization)
  • managing down (your staff)
  • managing external partners (service providers, co-sourcers, regulators)
  • managing yourself (investing in your self-development)

It's like the circus act of spinning plates. If you don't keep all the plates spinning, then they all start to crash down – one right after the other.

"Things are fine until they are not, and that's when I needed help. I found the help I needed in this community." - Forum Member

The problem is ... the traditional path to leader doesn't fully prepare you for being the executive plate spinner or provide you with the leader skills necessary to be a trusted advisor.

There are plenty of leadership programs, some are great, some good, and too many that are not so good... and none of them are specific on how to be a great LEADER in audit, risk management and compliance. There are plenty of industry roundtables, some are great but many are not so good... and no roundtable offers the sense of community, confidentiality and executive coaching to help you effectively manage all five areas simultaneously.

"I enjoy bouncing ideas around with others in the group. I appreciate you reaching out from time to time for individual calls between the group calls." - Forum Member

AND there are no executive development programs specifically designed for, and leverage deep knowledge of, the unique role of an audit, risk management and compliance leader.

Until NOW.

“During the pandemic, and the extensive length of the non-optional work from home ‘experiment’, having other audit leaders to talk with about common problems has been a lifesaver. Roundtables are all good and fine, but they don't allow me to exchange ideas and solve problems in a confidential setting.” - Forum Member

That is what this Program is all about. Helping leaders solve their most pressing challenges, be better leaders, exude executive presence, and join a community of like-minded peers in a safe, confidential, and mutually supportive environment.

“I have met and gotten to know some audit leaders in this program solely via recurring Zoom calls yet feel like I can contact any of them for a confidential chat. That has been priceless.” - Forum Member

Membership in the Program is not for everyone, but the fact you are spending time to read this website means it is probably exactly what you are looking for.

I'm sure you already see how you having access to these valuable tools, resources, and community will take your career to the next level, right?

Most executive leadership programs require a $20-$30K+ annual investment, but not this Program.


For a small investment, you can get support from peers, mentors and executive coaches for the whole year.

You already understand the benefits of having health insurance when those unexpected things come along, but do you have career insurance for when unexpected this come along in your career?? How much easier would your life be if you had the support you need when things get challenging??

For you belonging to this Program is like having career insurance for those tough challenges you will eventually experience, and it's much more affordable than health insurance, and a long-term investment in your career.

You already understand the benefit of hiring a personal trainer to help you lose weight and get healthy, in fact you've probably invested in yourself that way. Aren't you ready to do the same for your career?

So now you've got a decision to make. 

Do you have the courage to invest in yourself, take action and get different results by joining a supportive, confidential community with executive coaching?
Do you want to keep doing everything along, by yourself and risk staying stuck where you are?
The choice is up to you.
It only takes a minute to register, and when you do you will start getting the support you deserve and realize you are not in this alone. There is a whole community of like-minded audit leaders and coaches here to support you. You don't have to do this alone.

Who is facilitating the Program?

Hi, I'm Jason Mefford.

I've spent years coaching and training leaders and professionals in internal audit, risk management, and compliance all over the world. I have a lot of degrees and TLAs behind my name, have written and developed models, frameworks, thought leadership content, multiple professional certifications, and books. I've got street credibility on the technical-skills side, and decades of research and training in psychology, peak performance, executive coaching and relationship and communication soft-skills.

In my career, I was a manager at Arthur Andersen and KPMG, a CAE at two organizations (where I was also Chief Risk Officer, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, and responsible for information security). 

One thing that makes me different ... I'm also an executive coach that has been coached and trained for years by some of the top coaches in the world. I've studied psychology, peak performance, influence, intuitive leadership, and neurobiology for decades and understand what it takes to help people transform their lives and careers and get them to the next level. I've taken what I've learned over decades and put it into a context that is relevant and practical for audit leaders.

But more importantly, I have been in your shoes, so I understand exactly the opportunities and challenges you face. I have collected a team of world-class expert coaches that makes this Program the only program like this in the world, and I'm here to serve you.

When you take this journey with me you can be confident I will have your back the whole way.

"Jason is a remarkable guy! He is one of the top trainers and coaches in the business today."

Brian Tracy

"I have come to learn how skilled Jason Mefford is at the psychology behind being a successful Chief Audit Executive, and how he imparts this knowledge by helping others work through some of their most challenging situations in a supporting, coaching and elevating way."

Hal Garyn

"I have used many coaches and mentors over the years. The ideas and value I received in one call with Jason, was worth more than all of the other coaches and mentors I have used combined."

AJ MacQuarrie

"Jason has always been there for me to bounce ideas off, provide encouragement, and accountability. I'm so glad to have him as a peer and a friend. Jason is highly regarded in the internal audit community. He works hard to stay cutting edge, practical and full of relevant content."

Kelly Paxton

"Jason has a base of technical expertise, as well as professional expertise, upon which to draw that has helped me several times unpack the chaos in my own head as to which way to take my business. He’s offered his skillset, encouragement, and challenge to keep me moving in making strategic decisions and setting direction/ steps. I met Jason years ago for training, and he’s been a valued and trusted resource in my professional life ever since then."

Cheri Hotman

"Jason is good for the heart and soul and I am so very grateful to have connected with him. He helps people to shine! He is my trusted advisor!"

Theresa Cantley

"Jason is a Jedi Master!"

Jerome Wade

So, if what you hear is music to your ears, I look forward to having you join the Program.

When you register now you will start to feel more confident and you will know how much value you get by joining a supportive community.

If you have any questions, check out the FAQs below.

Ready to sign up, but not quite sure and want to talk first??

The fact that you are asking that question means you probably already realize this is exactly what you want and need, but are a little scared to get started.

I understand. It's human nature.

Here's a link to my calendar if you feel you need to talk with someone before you register:

I'm excited to start helping you!

Jason Mefford


Yes. Anything of value requires a time and money investment, but that is exactly what it is ... an investment in YOU and your team.

Whether your organization supports you, or you decide to pay for your membership personally, it's at a level any audit leader can afford financially, and you can't afford to be without it.

Yes. Participating each year will earn you up to 36 hours of CPE per year. 

Yes. This is an investment in you, and in-directly your team, to add more value to your organization.

Your training or professional services budgets are designed for exactly this sort of investment. 

Most executives in organizations participate in similar groups or executive coaching. 

Of course you can pay personally for membership, many members do just that. After all, this is an investment in YOU and you will see the personal and professional benefits through your participation.

Of course you wouldn't allow the lack of support from your organization to hold you back in your personal and professional growth, right?

You have the option to pay monthly, quarterly or annually using a credit card, or company purchasing card.


No worries. I know you have a busy schedule and may not be able to make each group call, which is why all of the calls are recorded and available for you to view when you have time. You can submit questions and topics before the call when you register and if you aren't able to attend, we'll still try to get your questions answered so you can hear them on the recording.

You have unlimited access to the Program for as long as you are a member. You are committing to a minimum 12 months, but can continue to renew and be a member for years.

In fact, the members who get the most benefit are the ones who stick around for years.

Absolutely. In fact, joining is risk-free. Simply join, go through the program for the year, do the work and you will see the results. If you follow the program and don't get results, I will give you back your investment.

** restrictions apply

The fact that you are asking that question means you probably already realize this is exactly what you want and need, but are a little scared to get started.

I understand. It's human nature.

Here's a link to my calendar if you feel you need to talk with someone before you register:


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