The CAE Forum

The CAE Forum is a community where you can have frank discussions about the frustrations, challenges and opportunities of being a Chief Audit Executive (CAE), while getting practical advice to increase your influence and add value as a trusted advisor to your organization.


If you are like most Chief Audit Executives (CAEs) you've probably experienced some of these:

  • You feel like a trusted advisor, but the executives in your organization don't treat you that way.
  • You would like to know what your peers are doing, ask questions, and get best practices from others in your shoes
  • You want to add value, and affect change in your organization, but don't want to kill yourself and your team doing it
  • You feel like you are sometimes "caught in the middle" and are questioning if this is the "hill you want to die on" and how you should respond to the political landmines you encounter
  • You experience stress and pressure from work that is now showing up in, and affecting, your personal life
  • You feel stuck in day-to-day activities and are frustrated putting out fires all the time
  • You are not invited to the big-kid table and are often excluded from executive meetings
  • You would like a sounding board to bounce ideas off others you trust
  • You worry that if things don't change you could be forced out or fired
I know since I have felt all of these at one time or another in my own career. You are not alone in having these feelings, since I hear these same things from most CAEs I work with.

But where do you turn for help?

There are some CAE roundtables and other groups, but you've probably found:

  • Much of the online content and groups are not relevant to CAEs.
  • Many groups are run by volunteers, are limited to local in-person participation, and lack the consistency and professionalism you'd expect from a group for executives
  • They lack a sense of community and friendship, so you feel uncomfortable opening up or sharing what is really challenging you
  • The content and discussions are way below your pay grade
    Include (or are hosted by) service providers using it as practice development tool to sell you products and services.
They also don't discuss some of the real challenges facing CAEs about the stress and pressure, political land mines to avoid, people issues, and how to effectively deal with the challenges without having your personal life and health crumble around you.
They don't provide the real support and community you need.
That is until now.

The CAE Forum is an exclusive discussion forum group that provides a safe environment where you can share and receive best practices, ask questions and get answers, receive advice, insight, encouragement and support on leading your team, your career, and balancing your health and personal life. It's a place where you develop real connections and community with your peers and know that what is said in the group, stays in the group.

The CAE Forum Provides You Support Through:

10-12 Groups Video Calls Each Year

Receive advice from like-minded individuals. Come up with answers together and learn from those who have gone through similar challenges. Each call discusses topics requested from the group, so you get your questions answered and feel more confident with your executive presence and how to lead your internal audit group.

It's the best thing to being in the same room with others, without the hassle and expense of travel. The calls are also recorded and made available for viewing on your own time if you can't make the call.

Private, Confidential LinkedIn Group

Between the calls you can remain connected and network with your peers and facilitators in a confidential online forum. You can have frank and open conversations knowing that what is said in the group, stays in the group. You get real-time help and answers to your questions.

The CAE Forum Exclusive Community

This is not just a networking group where you show up, exchange pleasantries and then leave. It's an online and offline community where you connect and develop life-long friendships. Friends you can being honest with, and share authentically, where bonds are made that last a lifetime. This is about a real human experience of people who care about and support each other.


You may be asking, who is facilitating the CAE Forum?

Hi, I'm Jason Mefford.

I've spent years coaching and training CAEs and professionals in internal audit, risk management, and compliance all over the world. I have a lot of degrees and TLAs behind my name, have written and developed models, content, certifications, and books. I've got street cred on the technical-skills side, and decades of research and training in psychology, coaching and the soft-skills.

In my career, I was a manager at Arthur Andersen and KPMG, a CAE at two organizations (where I was also Chief Risk Officer, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, and responsible for information security). I've spend years training, coaching and speaking to CAEs and professionals in the internal audit, risk and compliance space all over the world.

But more important, I have been in your shoes as a CAE at two different organizations. I know exactly how alone it can feel as a CAE. You can't discuss what's really frustrating or challenging you with executives in your organization. Your friends and family usually can't relate to what you're feeling. You don't have a trusted community of peers where you can turn for help. I understand the stress and pressure of being caught in the middle serving two-masters, dealing with politics and people, and pretending everything is fine when you feel like you're carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.

I know the impact a high pressure job can have on your health and personal relationships, but I also know how to navigate through the mine fields and help you preserve your health and sanity.

I'm looking for CAEs with the right stuff to participate in the CAE Forum.

Is that you?

"I have used many coaches and mentors over the years. The ideas and value I received in one call with Jason, was worth more than all of the other coaches and mentors I have used combined."


"Jason has always been there for me to bounce ideas off, provide encouragement, and accountability. I'm so glad to have him as a peer and a friend. Jason is highly regarded among his community. He works hard to stay cutting edge, practical and full of relevant content."


"Jason is good for the heart and soul and I am so very grateful to have connected with him. He helps people to shine! He is my trusted advisor!"


"Jason has a base of technical expertise, as well as professional expertise, upon which to draw that has helped me several times unpack the chaos in my own head as to which way to take my business. He’s offered his skillset, encouragement, and challenge to keep me moving in making strategic decisions and setting direction/ steps. I met Jason years ago for training, and he’s been a valued and trusted resource in my professional life ever since then."


"Jason is a Jedi Master!"


The CAE Forum Includes:

Group Private Video Calls: 10-12 Each Year

(Value = $4,000)

Online Course for Group Video Call Recordings, Resources, and Supplemental Training

(Value = $2,500)

Personal Contact Information for Everyone in the Group to Facilitate Off-Line Connections

(Value = $5,000)

Private, Confidential LinkedIn Discussion Group

(Value = $1,500)

Direct Access via Phone and E-mail to Jason Mefford for Pressing Issues

(Value = $2,000)

CPE Hours and Certificates

(Value of Training Registration + Travel = $8,000)

What if you don't take action today? What would it cost:

If you were fired and needed to go 6-24 months without income?
If you miss out on experiences with your partner, kids, and friends?
If you develop health issues caused from stress and burnout from work?
If you to go through a divorce and pay years of child/spousal support?

So now you've got a decision to make.

Do you want to keep doing things the same way, which will almost certainly leave you with the same results? Or are you ready to take action and get different results?

$497 / Month


A community that cares about and supports each other

Executive presence so you are viewed as a trusted advisor by others in your organization

Confidence you are adding value and providing best practices to your organization

Peace of mind knowing you are balancing your personal and professional lives

If you are ready to take the next step, submit your membership application today.
We only accept a limited number of new members each time membership is open for enrollment. Since it's based on first-come-first-served, make sure to get your application at the top of the pile for consideration.

It only takes a few minutes to fill out the membership application.



You are under no obligation to join by submitting your membership application. In fact, it's only the first part of the process and you may not even be offered an opportunity to join. I only want people who are committed and a good fit for the group. If I don't think you are a good fit, or you don't think you're a good fit, then it is in everyone's best interest that you don't join.

Once you submit your application you will schedule an interview time with me. I will review your application before the interview. If you do not meet the membership criteria, a member of my team will contact you and cancel your scheduled interview. If your application is accepted, I will conduct an interview with you and if I believe you are a good fit, will offer you membership in the CAE Forum. If you accept the offer, we will discuss the details for completing your membership and will get you on-boarded into the group.

Yes. Anything of value requires a time and money investment, but that is exactly what it is ... an investment in YOU. If you are not willing to invest in yourself, nobody else will either.

Yes. This is an investment in you, and in-directly your team, to add more value to your organization. Your training or professional services budgets are designed for exactly this sort of investment. In fact as part of the CAE Forum you will receive CPE certificates each year.

You still have the option to pay personally for membership in the CAE Forum. This is an investment in YOU and you will see the personal and professional benefits through your participation.

You have the option to pay monthly or annually using a credit card, or company purchasing card. If you need to pay using an invoice and your company's accounts payable processes you will be invoiced for the annual amount. Once payment is received, you will be on-boarded into the group.

No worries. I know you have a busy schedule and may not be able to make each group call, which is why all of the calls are recorded and available for you to view when you have time. You can submit questions and topics before the call when you register and if you aren't able to attend, we'll still try to get you questioned answered so you can hear them on the recording.

You have unlimited access to the CAE Forum for as long as you are a member.

You must first fill out an application and schedule an interview call with me to determine if this is a good fit. Once you are offered membership into the CAE Forum, and accept the offer, you will be registered.

Apply for membership through the application process (you must be offered membership into the group to register). I'll review your application and we will set up a 60-minute interview to make sure this is a good fit for you, and you are a good fit for the group. If it's a good fit, you'll be offered the option to join. If you accept the offer we will go over all the details, get you registered, collect payment and start on-boarding you into the group.

I only accept CAEs that are a good fit for the group. I use an application process to ensure we have high-quality individuals in the group who have the right stuff, meet the membership criteria, and determine if you are a good fit for the group. Since I only accept a limited number of new members during each open enrollment period, I also use the application process as a way to order who can join in each period. First-come-first-served.

If you have other questions, fill out an application. You can ask any additional questions during the interview process.


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